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Carbine Training Course

Starting Wednesday November 30, -0001

Versatile and dynamic, our class is designed for sport and recreational shooters of all skill levels. Our rustic, stimulating terrain provides the perfect learning environment for building that high level of proficiency & confidence that will place you a step above all other shooters. Our expert instructor has decades of experience working with law enforcement and military personnel having trained thousands of elite professionals as well as civilians. He has developed a step by step approach so that you will master fundamentals, drills, reloads, shooter movement & position shooting, zeroing, mindset & mental conditioning and so much more... all against the backdrop of the magnificent San Juan Mountains. We provide cutting edge weaponry so that you worry about nothing but your own performance. This class will heighten your senses and challenge you at every turn.  If you are serious about becoming an expert marksman you will not want to miss this opportunity. 

Once you complete an intense day of shooting you will be ready to relax, unwind and join us for  some of best food and spirits Colorado has to offer. After dining you may want to kick back and enjoy a brew from one of our local breweries, warm yourself by the campfire or even enjoy the sunset while taking a horseback ride in the serene canyons that surround our resort.  Come experience this adventure with us. You deserve it. 

Practical Fundamentals and Tactical Applications of the AR Carbine -  3 days 

This course is tailored specifically for the skill level of our clients, from the recreational shooter, to the advanced operator and includes the defensive use of the firearm.  It is also applicable to sport type shooting with the carbine, whether competition and/or hunting.  Our instructors teach to your skill level and push you for better results in a positive learning environment second to none.  Firearms use and tactical style of training is done with a step-by-step approach, which is essential to build and maintain a high level of proficiency.

  • Safe Gun Handling/Comprehensive Firearms Safety Brief
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Zeroing 
  • Carbine Cycle of Operation and Maintenance Routines
  • Standard Shooting Positions
  • Ready Positions and Applications
  • Red Dot Sight Usage
  • Tactical Shooting Drills
  • Malfunction Drills
  • Transitions to Pistol
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Reloads – Tactical and Speed
  • Shooting with Movement
  • Positional Shooting
  • Asymmetric Position Shooting
  • Mindset and Mental Conditioning
  • CQB to 125 yards 
  • Unknown distance shooting

This class is a moderately physical level course.  Students should be able to move into and out of kneeling, sitting and prone positions while maintaining balance and safely controlling the carbine throughout the movements. 

Class Requirements (All equipment will be furnished, however; students may use their own equipment if it is safe and serviceable)

  • Eye protection (prefer wrap around style)
  • Ear protection (plugs or muffs) (electronic type recommended)
  • Ammunition for Carbine: 800 – 1,000 rounds (no reloaded/remanufactured/steel cased ammo for carbine)
  • Handgun ammunition: 200 rounds 
  • AR15 or similar carbines are all acceptable for this course; must have a quality single point or two-point tactical sling and Red Dot Sight
  • Carbine Magazines – Minimum of 4 (more is better)
  • Sidearm and sturdy belt mounted strong side draw holster, (No cross- draw style holsters allowed)
  • Magazine Pouch (Carbine and Pistol)

Please bring seasonal clothing, jacket, long pants, long sleeve shirt and/or rain gear, baseball hat, knee and elbow protection (recommended).

You will be shooting on both paper and steel targets. 

Course Duration:  3 Day (24 hours), however, bring your family and extent your stay to enjoy our other guest experiences listed here.

Go to our Events Calendar Here to see when the next class is offered.  Also, keep in mind we can schedule a class just for you, your family, group or company upon request.