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Precision Rifle Shooting for the Competitor

Starting Wednesday November 30, -0001

Our Precision Rifle Competition Instructor Paul McCoy has competed at the highest level of long range tactical rifle matches. In his highly specialized and unique class you will benefit greatly from Paul?s vast experience and knowledge.  As a professional long-range shooter you understand the importance of mastering your target in challenging and rugged terrain.  Here at Mill Creek Shooting Resort we will challenge you and test your limits. Take direction from someone who has instructed military contractors and law enforcement snipers as well as civilians. This is not your normal PRS course, in this class you will focus on the most important elements of becoming a top ranked shooter. You will complete this course to become a master at strategizing and problem solving.  After this class you will be more confident than ever with an enhanced knowledge of ballistics that will leave your competition in the dust.  Come ready to hone your skills to a deadly level of accuracy

COURSE OUTLINE: The goal of this course is to impart the skills and knowledge required to instill confidence in long range target engagement.  Students will develop the skills needed to be hit targets at extreme distances. Students will learn the math, science and fundamentals needed to give them full grasp and understanding of the subject matter. The student will also gain knowledge of the strategy and problem solving skills critical to the competitive shooter. 

COURSE OVERVIEW: The program provides an opportunity to train in a dynamic and challenging learning environment  with an expert instructor who is also a PRS competitor and Precision Rifle builder. 


  • All aspects of ballistics
  • Velocity
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Wind strategy
  • Uphill/downhill shooting
  • Shooting mechanics and consistency
  • Reticle function and use
  • Leads and hold offs/moving targets
  • Extended range shooting
  • Weapon zero
  • MOA and Mil dials
  • Accuracy/Precision
  • Scope and velocity calibration
  • Parallax 
  • Position building 
  • Competitive strategy
  • Target acquisition from 100 to 1000 yards
  • Equipment set-up and selection
  • Maintenance and cleaning procedures
  • Shooting accessories

Students Required Equipment: Students will provide: 100 rounds match grade ammunition,  rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy,  scope with minimum !0x magnification and adjustable turrets, bi-pod, rear bag. 

Provided by Mill Creek Shooting Resort: Ear and Eye protection,  shooting mats.  (Rifles and ammunition are available. Please make arraignments prior to your arrival.)