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Long Range Precision Rifle- SPECIAL FORCES

Starting Wednesday November 30, -0001

This class is designed so that it is not intimidating to the beginner. You will learn all aspects of LR and ELR shooting techniques. You will leave this class with a good basic understating of weapon handling, positioning, ballistics and more so that you are able to acquire and engage targets from 400-1300 yards consistently. You may shoot our custom built rifles if you choose. There is a half day of classroom and 1 1/12 days behind the gun. You will spend this time shooting across the sheer cliffs and canyons of the San Juan Mountains which is definitely a plus!

After class kick back and enjoy a home cooked meal and a local brew at Smokey's Tavern. After dinner it is time to sit by the campfire or retire to your room for a massage or a soak in the hot tub.  You will leave us relaxed and recharged.  



Enhance shooters safe gun handling skills, along with an opportunity to gain an in depth knowledge of long range, precision shooting.

  • Science of ballistics
  • Math of long range shooting
  • Ballistic Coefficients
  • Velocity
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Wind reading
  • Uphill/downhill shooting
  • Shooting mechanics and consistency
  • Reticle function and use
  • Leads and hold offs/moving targets
  • Internal, External and Terminal ballistics
  • Coriolis Effect
  • Spin “gyroscopic” drift
  • Extended range shooting
  • Weapon zero
  • MOA and Mil dials
  • Accuracy/Precision
  • Scope and velocity calibration
  • Parallax 

Provided by Mill Creek Shooting Resort:  Ear and Eye protection, Precision rifles and ammunition are available to rent or purchase.  Mill Creek will provide shooting mats and note taking materials. Please make sure to reserve all equipment in advance of arriving.

Mill Creek Shooting Resort can also help you build a precision rifle from the ground up.  Inquire about our custom build programs.

Students Need the Following Equipment: 100 rounds match grade ammunition, rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy, scope with minimum 10x magnification and adjustable turrets, bi-pod and rear bag.

Course Duration:  2 Day (16 hours), however, bring your family and extent your stay to enjoy our other guest experiences listed here.

Go to our Events Calendar Here to see when the next class is offered.  Also, keep in mind we can schedule a class just for you, your family, group or company upon request.